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In addition, there is a mandatory blood pressure check which determines whether the athlete will be permitted to train at Crosstrain that day. If not, they will be asked to consult their physician and return with a note clearing them to train with us.
At the personal expense of an athlete, they may obtain personal insurance for loss, injury or damage that they might sustain from being at Crosstrain.  Athletes exercise at their own discretion and accept any injury or illness brought on by exercise is their own responsibility.

5.    Refund Policy
It is at Crosstrain’s discretion to refund an athlete. If the case warrants it, we refund money. A classic example may be an event in their life that simply prevents them from being able in any way to participate in our classes. We wouldn’t typically ask for proof, but we could do.
We do not have any arrangements concerning athletes trying us out and getting a refund if not satisfied.
Once we have been paid an athlete is committed.
Memberships are also non-transferrable.

6.    Our Website
Whenever you enter our website, you must abide by civil, commercial, intellectual property, communications and all related liable laws, regardless of your location. 
Failure to comply may result in legal action.
7.    Privacy Policy
Personal information provided by our athletes is held in the strictest confidence.
We do not share our athlete’s information with any external institutions or individuals in any way whatsoever.
We use contact details to get in touch to inform our athletes of what we are up to and for general marketing purposes for their benefit.
We use health related information to ensure our trainers are informed about particular athletes ahead of classes such that the intensity/type of training is appropriate for these athletes.


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