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Of course once you have paid for a product or service you have a right to have it/use it. However this can only happen once we have received the payment you made. 
In the event that a payment cannot be processed on you card, or if a payment is refunded in some unusual instance, resulting in chargeback. We have the option to suspend or end your access and account.
If we cannot collect the fees you owe us for your order, it may lead to us having to take legal action. Any costs/fees we incur in taking such legal action including interest and institutional/regulatory body costs/fees will be for your account.


3.    Suspension and Termination
In special instances, we are prepared to freeze membership, for example  if an athlete is injured. 
If an athlete suddenly leaves the country or just stops coming into the gym whilst there is still time left on their membership, the membership 

simply elapses. They cannot come back at a later date and claim the unused days.
Athletes do not need to give notice when they are going to terminate their membership. There is no cancellation fee when an athlete decides not to renew their membership. Both parties are free to just walk away.
We have the right to terminate an athlete’s membership if they do not heed warnings about antisocial behavior at the gym.
Any illegal acts committed at Crosstrain will result in immediate termination and expulsion with the possibility of legal action.

4.    Personal Injury
Every athlete who wants to join Crosstrain must sign a Consent Form indicating that they are comfortable training at Crosstrain and accepting that there are risks with any physical exercise program.
They can either choose to disclose any medical/injury history they have or acknowledge in signing the Form that they have chosen not to inform Crosstrain.
If they have pre-existing injuries, they fill in an Injury Status Form.


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