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SPORTS (Contd.)

We host tournaments and parties across a range of our sports. We also offer the pitch to schools in the local area wanting the space for their PE classes and also for Sports Days for the kids. The pitch is also available for general hire at certain times during the day, 6 days a week. Feel free to call and book the pitch. 

Boxing Gloves


For any aspiring Rocky Balboas or Million Dollar Babies (excluding the fall of course), this is the one for you! The Boxing Gym really has that gritty cave-like feel to it, and is frequented by such friendly dedicated athletes. There's such camaraderie in there where this noble art is brilliantly taught!

           Kickboxing / Self Defence (Women Only)

Joining the Kickboxing classes will give you a chance to learn a new skill whilst getting fit at the same time. You can of course expect the martial arts coaching approach with all that discipline and focus. Exclusively for women we have Self Defence which is a separate class but the two classes work well together. 

Karate Belt
           Tae Kwon Do


This class can be heard around the neighbourhood every Wednesday afternoon! The coach barks orders at the kids as they transition through various fluid moves repeating the orders  back to the coach in humble submission of course (more often than not). Great discipline for the kids! Graduation ceremonies are held.



This is a new sport we are offering specifically for female athletes. This will give you a chance to have a great time without having to put up with a testosterone-fueled atmosphere. So how about a different type of girls evening out! Have fun and get fit playing.



This is not old eastern European intense at all. It's a fun time for the kids as they explore their abilities and push their boundaries of athleticism under the watchful eye of the coach. The classes take place every other Saturday so do call in advance. We have a beginners class and an advanced class.

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