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When Crosstrain was founded in 2012, we immediately knew that what our clients would say about us would be our principal marketing tool. The basis for this belief lay simply in the fact that the culture of Crosstrain was always going to be about employees of the company being super mindful of the company's passion for genuine customer satisfaction all day every day, all year and every year!!


Dear Crosstrain team. Thank you for everything. I have loved every minute of working out here. You are all amazing and I will miss this wonderful place. Much love, Tracy - Mauritius

On this floor I have literally left my blood sweat and tears. My hands have been torn open, my energy depleted and my sweat in puddles at my feet. But from these challenges I have become the best version of myself. Thank you. I am forever grateful. Run Fast, Lift Heavy, Never Stop! Love always, Kendra (a.k.a. The Machine) - Scotland 


Dear Crosstrain. Thanks for all the great workouts and many laughs. This truly is the best gym by far! I enjoyed every single workout especially the Strength Tracker. Best shape I have ever been in. Will miss this a lot. All my love, Yolandie - South Africa

Who knew mornings could be such fun (and tough!). Thanks for all the support, encouragement, and for being so welcoming to my family and friends. Good luck with everything - but I will be back to check on those timings! Janice (a.k.a. The Auditor) - UK


The best thing that ever happened to us was to find Crosstrain Ghana. We are leaving here committed to our health so thank you so much for all the encouragement and support. Friends for life. Jean-Marc and Jessy - Haiti

Thanks for an amazing 2 years! Crosstraining has been a highlight in my time in Accra. I will miss your energy, enthusiasm and possibility. Tina G - Canada


Thank you not just for whipping me into shape, but for helping me find my purpose in Ghana. You will always have a special place in my heart. Will miss you all. Love, Jeff, Mary B, Fiona and Emelia - USA

Dear Crosstrain team, I am so grateful for everything. Thank you for the coconut, the great advice, the support and your touching enthusiasm. You guys are dope!!! Cedric & Ruthie - Martinique / Eritrea


I was here!!! Thank you Crosstrain for making me so strong physically and mentally. This place has been my second home in Ghana. I am truly short of words. It will be a challenge to find a place as good as this one. I will miss you with all my heart, and keep training to make you proud. Much much love, Lynn - France

Dear Crosstrain team, it has been a wonderful time with you. Thanks for making our time in Ghana so special. All the best, Jan, Alisa - Germany


I have never been a very sporty person. Somehow training with you guys became an addiction! Thanks a lot for standing all my comments and keep up building the fantastic good energy. I will miss you a lot. Irina - Romania

Dear Crosstrain, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have enjoyed being a part of this amazing team. We will miss you all dearly. David & Vanya - Trinidad


My dear Crosstrain team, you have made my experience in Ghana this beautiful! Thank you for workouts and friendship. You are an inspiration that I will carry in my heart wherever I go. Stay as energetic, kind and innovative forever. Love, Tako - Georgia - p.s I'll be back!!!

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