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We are very fortunate to have a decent size multi-functional space in the heart of the easily accessible residential area of Cantonments. The space we have is shaded from direct sunlight, with an all weather playing surface, opening out to big views of open skies and surrounding trees. Very usefully for subs and fans alike, there is elevated space right around the pitch from which to cheer on your teams!! Every game here has that exhilarating 'street' feel!!

           Handball / CrossbWall


This one is for absolutely everybody!! Easy to play and so much fun. Like all the other ball sports played at Crosstrain, feel free to use the walls, and don't worry were the ball ends up; it's actually almost always in play! If you want to amp things up, ask a Crosstrain employee to show you the CrossbWall version!!!!



Football 1.jpg

The world's favourite sport is played here!! Ours is a high octane four-a-side game. The key to the game at our Camp is to pass and move. Loitering is impossible! If you master the game at our Camp then the next step will surely be to sign-up to Barcelona! It's a super enjoyable way to get extremely fit. Game on!

Basketball 1.jpg


We offer a half court game for the kids. Feel free to dunk, but limit the hangtime! It's a real street game so get ready to use the walls as an extra player. The next NBA superstar could very well come from our Camp! 

Field Hockey Stick


This one is again currently only offered to the kids until we get adult sticks in. The surface is superb for the game with the ball travelling in straight lines. To promote better skills, we promote a pushing game so the kids learn true ball control and accurate passing. As a walled-in pitch it's great for all sorts of practice drills.

Tennis Court


We have a superb environment for kids to learn how to play Tennis. It's outdoors but shaded so the kids will not over heat! We have great child-friendly coaches who have really helped improve the kids game, especially for those with a natural talent for Tennis. Parents can watch in the shade or enjoy our Cafe.

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