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You can visit Crosstrain and not drop a bead of sweat. Just come, relax and enjoy healthy snack and beverage options, movies, or book a sleep-inducing chair massage. There are also wellness therapists available to you. How about renting the space for your private catered event; and of course you are invited to our public events, bazaars etc. It works because it's all about you, you, you!!

Pouring Coffee


Sit back, relax and enjoy the cool breeze as you eat and drink at Fifi's Tea Garden. We are keeping the menu very simple and ensuring a high nutritional value. The drinks we stock are all natural, with no additives! We can cater for parties and we also deliver to your doorstep, so do call for deliveries! 


We specialise in classic movies, hence the name 'The Classic Movies Club'. A movie is shown on the last Saturday of each month at 7pm. It's a unique experience as it's outdoors, and you get a waiter service to your seat! As a member of the Club, you win a free fitness class or half price personal training session just for watching!! Have a free first bag of popcorn, and this is a winner every time! 

Candlelit Table
           Private Events - ENJOY OUR NEW GARDEN SPACE!!!


We have hosted many parties, with themes ranging from football to obstacle racing to dance, weddings, Christmas and more. We've hosted charity events and private movie viewings. Whether you choose to book the Cafe, Albert Square or our beautiful mature garden (Mamre Gardens), we can assure you of a unique experience. Do call us to book your event.

           Public Events


As a business with a Christ-focused mission, Crosstrain itself has held events to raise funds to support the disadvantaged in society and spread the good news of Jesus Christ as far as possible. We partner with like-minded organisations to explore new event initiatives to keep helping and evangelising.

Physical Therapy Session
           Wellness Therapists


There's one air conditioned room at Crosstrain, and that's reserved for you to meet with wellness therapists we partner with. The areas of therapy include, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Chiropractors and Masseurs (chair). Feel free to call our Reception desk to book your appointment.

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