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Our approach to fitness at Crosstrain was founded on the 'Group Personalised Training' concept. Clients (we call them 'Athletes') training together in a class, but closely guided such that they train at their individual levels of ability. More recently we have added Personal Training. Of course, athletes can come in and train on their own as well. Whatever you do, just relax and enjoy your training!!



We have a significant number of versions of 3 central training systems that we use in a highly structured way in our classes. Our classes empower our athletes both mentally and physically as they go through a range of challenges including cardio, agility, power, speed, explosiveness, strength, coordination, balance, posture and poise. The atmosphere in this flagship service is truly electric, bordering on emotional!!

           Suspension Training (With Spinning)- TRX SPIN

A great alternative to lifting weights! This is a workout journey you will enjoy!! It suits every level of athlete, and is particularly helpful for athletes needing to protect their knees and backs. It's very gentle on the joints! You will get all your cardio and leg work on a spin bike; do your core work on the floor and use the TRX for strengthening and toning your upperbody. You will love the location of this workout station, under open skys!!

Fit Girl
           Weight Training


We don't do bodybuilding. Having said that, who knows; it's relative; there may be enough weights for someone starting out to achieve that. We offer personal training at the three benches on our Strength Platform. It's always fulfilling to lift some metal now and then. An invigorating outdoor experience!

Fitness Class
           High Intensity Interval Training


This is short sharp and to the point! An efficient way to train for anyone who has limited time to spend in the gym. Our approach is predominantly bodyweight, focusing on cardio and core. It's explosive and over before you know it, but while you are in the furnace you will need to be brave and courageous!

Pad Work.jpg
           Pad Work Training


If you want to get super fit, this one is for you! A great stress reliever everytime! Work your way up to twelve three minute rounds with the coach, and feel yourself getting into the best shape of your life!! It will seriously focus your mind and improve coordination. Don't forget your towel for this one!!

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