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Crosstrain started in 2013 as Ghana's first Mobile Gym!! In 2017 we established a spacious outdoor training Camp in the heart of Cantonments. Since then we have evolved into a Lifestyle Business with the addition of our Workspace Services through our Auxiliary brand - TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT AUXILIARY PLEASE CLICK THROUGH FROM THE HOME PAGE OR REVIEW OUR GOOGLE MAPS ENTRY. Over the years a really wonderful community has been established. Everyone just gets along and has a good time whatever activity they come in to do.



First and foremost Crosstrain is a Gym!!


We offer Crosstraining, Suspension Training, Pad Work Training, Weight Training, HIIT and access to Spin Bikes.



We have a great space for sports!!

For adults we offer, Football, Handball, Boxing and Kickboxing.

For kids we offer, Football, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Netball, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis and Gymnastics.



There is a softer side to Crosstrain!!

Visitors can relax and enjoy our very airy Cafe which is uniquely situated at the heart of the Camp, right alongside our running track. The contrast couldn't be more extreme than that!

In addition we offer visitors access to Therapists in our private Wellness Room, including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Dieticians.

To truly unwind, we offer sleep-inducing Chair Massages. Then of course there is a Movie every last Saturday of the month that comes with a free bag of popcorn!

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