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All of the information contained herein applies equally to all members and visitors alike both offline and online:


1.    Types of Client

There are two types of athlete at Crosstrain; Walk-In pay-as –go athletes and Members who pay one month and beyond.
Athletes have the option to pay for services with cash or cheque, over-the-counter at Crosstrain, or by bank transfer into our account.
We do not permit athletes to pay their membership fees in installments. The fee must be paid up front ahead of the training period.
Discounts are given to athletes who pay two months in advance and beyond.
Beyond twelve months, athletes benefit from the ability to access additional services without paying.
If an athlete travels a lot, we have an arrangement whereby the athlete can compress their membership and train more frequently during the shortened time period they are around for.
Management reserves the right to refuse entry to the gym both offline and online.
References may be required on a case-by-case basis.


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