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COVID-19 ERA: How comfortable are you returning to the gym?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

You and your gym can make a few simple changes to keep everyone safe.

From the gym's perspective here are a few basic things you can expect. Certainly there should be hand SANITISER readily available. The washrooms should all have SOAP but NO CLOTH TOWELS; either a hand dryer or disposable paper towels will be more appropriate at this time. There will need to be CLEANERS AROUND ALL DAY sanitising the equipment.

If there are any classes, the headcount will need to be reduced to ensure ample SOCIAL DISTANCING.

“If everyone plays their part, gyms could actually become one of the safest places to be, simply because everyone in that community knows they have to be super alert.”


You should definitely take a few PERSONAL ITEMS along with you to the gym. Take your own TOWEL and if possible exercise MAT as well. A small bottle of sanitiser would be useful just in case they run out.

Not so sure a FACE MASK will work well in a gym. I would hope that all gyms will ask anyone coming in coughing or under the weather to COME BACK ANOTHER DAY.

Those GLOVES you keep leaving at home; time to bring them along. If they are FULL LENGTH, then that's BETTER.

Oh, and REMIND people to WIPE down stuff they use just in case the cleaners are not around. No one's going to get annoyed with that; at least not this year.....THEN IT BECOMES A HABIT.

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