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Could body consciousness be preventing you from enjoying your time in the gym?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Come on, the gym's meant to be a fun place. Let's not take things too seriously.

Actually, we've all BEEN THERE BEFORE. You just had to have that pumped feeling all the time and if you did not feel it you'd literally pop into the gym for a top up, or hit the deck and do lots of push-ups. OH BROTHER!!!

In my case, particularly in the 90s! I am so so so....... MUCH HAPPIER NOW. I just train to FEEL GOOD; anything else is just a bonus!! One bonus for me is my swimming is getting stronger!!

“If how you feel depends on how you look, then that's a recipe for disaster. One day we will all be old; what then? So make the mindset change now and train to feel good.”

Why not use your training to improve your performance in a sport you like!

This is ANOTHER ANGLE. Then there's a PURPOSE to what you are doing. Wouldn't it be thrilling to experience your Football game or Tennis GAME GETTING STRONGER and to be able to even tweak your efforts in the gym to lift your game level by level. Check it out guys!!


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